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Alloy 3105 Aluminum Plate/Sheet

Alloy 3105 Aluminum Plate

Details for 3105 Aluminum Plate

Temper: H14, H16, H18, H22, H24, H26, O



Length:up to 11000mm
Weight:about 2mt per pallet for general size
MOQ:5ton per size
Protection:paper inter layer,white film,blue film,black-white film,micro bound film,according to your requirement.
Surface:clean and smooth,no bright speck,corrosion,oil,slotted,etc.

3105 aluminum plate is a series of AL-Mn alloy, good corrosion resistance, good electrical conductivity, aluminum content of which 98%, due to the addition of 0.3% of the copper element, the conductivity of up to 41%; 3105 aluminum Heat treatment to strengthen, so the use of cold processing methods to improve its mechanical properties: in the annealed state has a high plasticity, hardening in the semi-cold when the plastic is still good, cold work hardening plasticity is low, good corrosion resistance, good weldability, cutting performance bad.

Physical properties for 3105 Aluminum Plate

Alloy & Temper Thicknes(inches) Tensile Strength(KSI) Yield Strength(KSI) Elogation(%)
3105-O 0.013-0.019 96-145 Min34 16
0.020-0.031 18
3105-H12 0.017-0.019 131-179 Min103 1
0.020-0.031 1
0.032-0.050 2
0.051-0.080 3
3105-H14 0.013-0.019 152-200 Min124 1
0.020-0.031 1
0.032-0.050 2
0.051-0.080 2
3105-H16 0.013-0.031 172-221 Min145 1
0.032-0.050 2
0.051-0.080 2
3105-H18 0.013-0.031 Min193 Min165 1
0.032-0.050 1
0.051-0.080 2

Application for Aluminum Plate

1.Mainly used in construction, machinery manufacturing, container manufacturing, shipbuilding, bridge construction, etc

2.Aluminum plate is used in construction material and building material.Including:roof panel,ceiling, in-\wall,partition wall,shutters,window blind,gate,balcony,wall,road marking,street signs,road protecting plate,highway protecting plate,bridge arrier wall,scaffold,ship plate,etc.

3.Aluminum plate is used in electric machine components.Including:protective plate,protective box, capacitor box,tank of power capacitor,electrolytic condenser,variable of battery,volume shaft,
loudspeaker framework,switch plate,semiconductor radiator,magnetic disk,motor frame,fan blade,electric cooker, cooling fin,heat sink ,etc.

Henan Mintai Al. Industrial is the manufacturer of aluminum products, which also supply with Aluminum Coil, Aluminum Sheet,Aluminum Circle, Aluminum Foil etc.


Aluminum Coils are widely used in household appliances, electronic communications, medical, packaging, printing, building materials and many other industries.Products sell well in more countries and regions, Europe,American, the Middle East, Africa , southeast Asia etc. 

We welcome customers from all over the world to cooperate with us for a brilliant future.



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